Thank you Scouts NZ for embracing OSM and providing us Leaders with a valuable, very useful and user friendly tool, to make our lives easier.

Having all of our records in one place and shared across all the Leaders in our group, is wonderful. This provides our Leader's the information they need to be better prepared, and keep our parents up-to-date with what is happening, with real-time visibility in My.SCOUT.

Having all of our badge records organised and sorted, is great. When I filled these records in, I found a couple of members were due badges, that had slipped through the cracks. Now we are on top of it, due to the ease of tracking badge record requirements in Online Scout Manager.

Thank you OSM for the Community Forum and Future Features sections where we can ask questions and have a say in how OSM is developed to best benefit all of us.

Wayne, Cub Leader, Churchward Park Scout Group
OSM is proving its worth down at the Scout Hall and making our admin easier.
Adrian, Kea Leader, Malvern Scout Group
Thank you very much Online Scout Manager. Really appreciate the tool. Without it I don't think I would have been able to carry on Scouts due to all the admin work.
Andy, Scout Leader, Ampthill Scout Group
OSM has revolutionised not only my Section but the entire Group! It has enabled me to concentrate on Scouting, keeping parents instantly informed, and it has given me my social life back!
Helen Wright, Cub Scout Leader, 36th Barnsley Air Scouts
Using OSM has cut our admin time in half. It's like having an extra leader to collect funds, remind parents about events and recommend exciting activities to add to our programme. OSM has also been the most effective tool for building our programme. The shared knowledge from the online community of leaders has helped us efficiently build our most exciting line up in years. The parents love it too. You'd be crazy not to be part of this Scouting revolution.
Luke Hall, Scout Leader, 2nd Southampton City
OSM My.SCOUT is set to revolutionise our collection of subs and camp monies from parents. It was a breeze to setup and the ability to customise the system emails and payment due dates to suit our needs gives us the maximum flexibility. Leaders have all commented that the system should a) save them a lot of time and hassle dealing with money, b) increase the amount of money received and c) keep parents in the loop about what they owe for which event and when it is due.
Jonathan Bloor, Group Scout Leader, 4th Ashby de la Zouch
OSM has changed the way we sort out Scouting events, attendance, budgets and badge work etc. It is an amazingly brilliant system that has allowed us to finally bring Scout meetings into the modern era - finally leaders can get back to having fun instead of playing catch-up with paper work!
Nick Keates, Assistant Scout Leader, Wateringbury Scout Troop
A huge thank you for OSM in general. It's amazing and I don't think I would of been able to do half of my training as a scout leader in the time I have without using OSM!
Hannah Matthews, Scout Leader, 6th Morley Scouts
Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Online Scout Manager is amazing and has revolutionised my life. I now enjoy organising activities and events because I know that the info will reach the parents, they will let me know if they will attend, details are available at the touch of a button (no more tedious writing out of information). Badge details are easily accsessible, and amazing activity ideas which are linked to badgees. And to top it all, the new badges come out and there they are on OSM!!! Not only that, but they are linked together with the old ones! You are brilliant!
Pip, Scout Leader, 28th Oxford
I was against this sort of database to start with just over a year ago but I gave it a shot and WOW is all I can say! It really has made such a difference to me personally as a Leader as it really is like having my own secretary/extra leader as it saves so much of my time keeping badge records, registers, personal details etc updated. I can also do so much with the iPhone app in the meetings in real time.
Neil, Scout Leader, Oxley Park Scout Group
OSM is the best way of keeping records, staying in touch, planning events, making sure people didn't miss out on badge. The activities finder is such a useful resource.
Debbie, Assistant Explorer Scout Leader, 5 Carns ESU
After sending invitations to an event through My.SCOUT, I looked at the events page and saw a parent had confirmed less than 30 seconds after I sent the invites out. From invite, to confirmation, including his choice of sandwich filling at the venue, to payment being sorted in less than 30 seconds is amazing! It's taken me longer to write this!
Ben, Scout Leader
Can I say all of us at 5th Chichester Scout Group loves Online Scout Manager. It has made our work so much easier and allows us to know so much more about our group and its future. Thank you - it's a fantastic tool and a great addition to our armoury - it's right up there with Black and Decker work stations, sliced bread and cable ties!
Stephen, Assistant Cub Leader, 5th Chichester Scout Group
After taking the plunge I wouldn't look back, OSM really has made the admin easier and allows all of the leaders in the unit to take an active role. Top notch, 5 stars.
Matt, Explorer Leader, Banderlogs ESU
The Parent Portal is 100% superb - it has saved me absolutely heaps of work and I can't thank you enough Ed! 95% of parents say the system is "fantastic" and the other 5% are the ones that can no longer get away without paying!
Jeanette, Cub Scout Leader, 175th Derby Panther Pack
You have made my role as the administrator for our Scout Troop so much easier. The children are getting more badges and being awarded them more quickly. I love the way the information is all together in one safe place which makes it so easy to update records or send out emails at a press of a few buttons. OSM was the best present I had in the whole of 2012!
Maria Treadwell, Assistant Scout Leader, 1st Highworth
OSM is a total lifesaver. It is is without a doubt the best system I have ever used as it really works from an end-user’s point of view. You can tell it was designed by someone who actually leads a section, which is sadly not always my experience with other systems.
Danielle, Cub Scout Leader, Chobham Scout Group
May I say you are a legend! As a relatively new and inexperienced beaver leader, we live and die by OSM. We would be so much worse off without it - so many thanks for developing such a great resource. We are working hard to get the non-converted converted - it is only because they have never tried!
Paul Morley-Smith, Beaver Leader, 1st Alsager Scout Group